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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Return Of The Mac!

[UPDATE: 22 MARCH 2006]: So this page actually gets a lot of hits from people doing internet searches on the actual "Return of the Mack" song. While this article really isn't about that, I've decided to place some information about it at the end of this article (and the lyrics too).


Remember that song? It goes:

(Return of the Mac) once again
(Return of the Mac) pump up the world
(Return of the Mac) watch my flow
(You know that I'll be back) here I go

It's a song by Mark Morrison who happens to be a one hit wonder from the 90s era. The song is actually entitled "Return of the MACK", with a K at the end, but who cares? Although it was quite popular back then. However, I am not singing this song out of a sense of nostalgia from my days as a youthful teenager, but rather, I sing in jubilation for my Mac is now BACK! Yes, after more than two months of waiting for it to be fixed, it is now once again in my possession. TWO MONTHS, you emphatically say? Yes. It took that long. Why, you ask? Well, I find that there is no better way to explain it than by telling you that the service center I sent it to SUCKS! But anyway, it's here. I picked it up at the service center last Tuesday and they tried to appease me by giving profuse apologies and measly freebies like mouse pads, keychains and a lapel mic. Although I must admit, I did like the lapel mic. But at any rate, my Mac seems to be working splendidly so I am once again in a celebratory mood. Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Also, I know it's a little anti-climactic given that the new Intel iMacs just came out and the Macbook Pro is finally shipping, but I will post pictures of my PowerPC iMac G5 with built in iSight soon. It's still very nice to look at anyway. In the meantime, feel free to sing with me... (Return of the Mac) once again, (Return of the Mac) pump up the world, (Return of the Mac) watch my flow, (You know that I'll be back) here I go... Word.


As promised, here's some info on "Return of the Mack":

The song "Return of the Mack" was made popular by an artist named Mark Morrison back in the late 90's. The song is one of twelve tracks from his album also entitled "Return of the Mack" which was originally released in 11 March 1997. The album actually contains two "Return of the Mack" songs, the other one being "Return of the Mack (Da Beatminerz Remix)".

Return Of The Mack
Mark Morrison
Album: Return Of The Mack

Oh, oo-o-oh, come on, ooh, yeah
Well I tried to tell you so (yes, I did)
But I guess you didn't know, as I said the story goes
Baby, now I got the flow
'Cos I knew it from the start
Baby, when you broke my heart
That I had to come again, and show you that I'm real

(You lied to me) all those times I said that I love you
(You lied to me) yes, I tried, yes, I tried
(You lied to me) even though you know I'd die for you
(You lied to me) yes, I cried, yes, I cried

(Return of the Mack) it is
(Return of the Mack) come on
(Return of the Mack) oh my God
(You know that I'll be back) here I am
(Return of the Mack) once again
(Return of the Mack) pump up the world
(Return of the Mack) watch my flow
(You know that I'll be back) here I go

So I'm back up in the game
Running things to keep my swing
Letting all the people know
That I'm back to run the show
'Cos what you did, you know, was wrong
And all the nasty things you've done
So, baby, listen carefully
While I sing my come-back song

(You lied to me) 'cos she said she'd never turn on me
(You lied to me) but you did, but you do
(You lied to me) all these pains you said I'd never feel
(You lied to me) but I do, but I do, do, do

(Return of the Mack) here it is
(Return of the Mack) hold on
(Return of the Mack) don't you know
(You know that I'll be back) here I go
(Return of the Mack) oh little girl
(Return of the Mack) wants my pearl
(Return of the Mack) up and down
(You know that I'll be back) round and round
(repeat TWO, ONE)

(You know that I'll be back) don't you know

(Return of the Mack) here it is
(Return of the Mack) hold on
(Return of the Mack) be strong
(You know that I'll be back) here I go
(Return of the Mack) my little girl
(Return of the Mack) wants my pearl
(Return of the Mack) up and down
(You know that I'll be back) round and round

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Widget World: Say Cheese

UPDATE [04-April-2007]:
I just checked the Killer Widgets website and it seems to be up again. Now go get your copy of the Say Cheese widget. :)

UPDATE [18-June-2006]:
The Say Cheese widget seems to be unavailable for download. It's no longer in the Apple Dashboard downloads section. And the creators' website seems to be unavailable as well.


Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with all of the world's bad news, I turn to the daily comics section of my newspaper and gain enlightenment from the words of wisdom that Calvin & Hobbes have to offer. And now, after installing the Say Cheese widget, I can get my daily dose of comic strip entertainment from the comfort of my own dashboard (reading the newspaper often triggers my early morning allergies).

The Say Cheese widget, developed by Killer Widgets, features daily comic strips from Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, and Garfield to name a few. You can also view archives of previous strips with the handy date selection menu. It's a fun widget that's sure to entertain all the comic strip lovers out there.

The programmers at Killer Widgets develop the Say Cheese widget out of the goodness of their hearts. Feel free to go to their website and make a donation to help support further development.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mac OS X 10.4.5 Now Available

A Mac OS X 10.4.5 update is now available for both Intel and PowerPC based Mac systems. The update includes fixes for: iChat video conferencing, Safari rendering of web pages, usability of Dashboard and widgets, viewing of QuickTime streaming media behind a firewall, printing to some Epson printer models, iDisk and Portable Home Directory syncing, time zone and daylight savings for 2006 and 2007, VPN connections to Cisco servers when using NAT, compatibility with third party applications and devices, and previous standalone security updates.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The PinoyMacLovers iLove iPod Project

I figured I'd do something special for today. You know, since it's Valentine's and all. So after much thought, I've decided, on this special day, to present to you "The PinoyMacLovers iLove iPod Project". It's a little project devoted to the beloved iPod, a marvelous consumer product, that has touched so many lives and countless hearts. So in turn, let us show the iPod that we care. Let us show the iPod our love through pictures and images. It is only fitting because, as the old adage goes, "a picture paints a thousand words." Now before I break out in song, I present to you the first group of iPod devotees who have partaketh in this humble endeavor...

Chikky, pictured above, loves her iPod so much that she even gave it a name - Nigel. Nigel the Nano is fabulously white and holds up to 4GB worth of songs. He is an ever-dependable friend who has been there for Chikky through the good times and the bad. Through the gift of song, Nigel is always there to lift Chikky up when she is feeling down, and to celebrate with her when she is joyful.

Meet George and his 30GB iPod Video, which was given to him as a present by his loving and oh-so-generous girlfriend, Sam. George is clearly rockin' it with his tilted cap and large headphones. It's the big ones that give you great sound, not those tiny things you stick in your ears which, not to mention, are prone to waxy build-up.

In keeping with today's theme of love and hearts and all that crap, we have Paul and Tina. They are an iPod loving couple who listen to sweet music together, albeit on their own separate players. Paul owns a 40GB iPod, while Tina's can hold 20GB worth of songs.

Would you look at that? They even have matching iPod leather casings by Capdase. Black for him and Pink for her. Aaawww... How sweet...

So there you have it folks. Can you feel the love? I certainly hope so. For what would Valentine's Day be without it? So from everyone here at PinoyMacLovers (which, again, just happens to be me) - Happy Valentine's Day!

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ynzal Clearance Sale Feb 2006

If you're looking for some info on great Mac bargains in the Philippines, then you've come to the right place. I just received the Feb 2006 Apple Products Catalog from Ynzal Marketing Corp. Philippines and found a few good deals. They often have clearance sales so it's a great opportunity to find a Mac that may very well fit your budget.

All systems are brand new and factory-fresh with full-manufacturer's warranty (1 year). Limited quantities available. Only valid while stock lasts!

PB G4 15.2"/1.5GHZ/512MB/80G/COMBO/APX/BT M9676 (w/ Free iSight)...P96,980
PB G4 15.2"/1.67GHZ/512MB/80G/SD/APX/BT M9677 (w/ Free iSight)...P106,980
PB G4 17"/1.67GHZ/512MB/100G/SD/AE/BT M9689 (w/ Free iSight)...P129,980

Mac mini 1.42Ghz/256MB/80G/COMBO/56K (w/ Free Apple Keyboard)...P29,980
Mac mini 1.25Ghz/256MB/40G/COMBO/BT/56K (w/ Free Apple Keyboard)...P26,980
Mac mini 1.42Ghz/256MB/80G/COMBO/BT/56K (w/ Free Apple Keyboard)...P31,980

iMac G5 20" 1.8Ghz G5/256MB/160G/Superdrive (w/ Free iSight and ACPP extended 3-years warranty)...P77,980
iMac G5 20" 2.0Ghz G5/512MB/250G/Superdrive (w/ Free iSight)...P89,980

eMac G4 1.42GHZ/512MB/160GB/SD/56K (w/ Free iSight)...P59,980

Apple 23" Cinema Display

PMac G5 2.5GHZ DP/512MB/160GB/SD...P139,980
PMac G5 2GHz DP/512MB/160GB/SD...P111,980

I especially think that the ones that come with a free iSight (free, free, free!!! hooray!!!) are really great deals. It usually sells for about P9,000-P10,000 and is such a great webcam. Use it with Apple's iChat AV program and you get incredible video conferencing quality. So hurry! Get that Mac today (or tomorrow... or mabye next week... whatever)!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Apple Introduces 1GB iPod Nano

Apple's ultra-thin iPod Nano line now includes a 1GB model. The price tag for this tiny baby comes in at $149 at Apple's online store. It's priced right smack in the middle of the 2GB iPod Nano ($50 more) and the 1GB iPod Shuffle ($50 less). I'm actually a bit intrigued by this new product line and its pricing scheme. Would more people be willing to buy the 1GB iPod Nano when they can get an iPod shuffle with just as much storage for $50 less (although the iPod Nano does allow you to view photos on its tiny screen)? Or for $50 more, would more people simply forego the 1GB iPod Nano for twice the storage space that comes with the 2GB model? Although the 1GB iPod Nano does give consumers more choices, I'm just not sure whether it's positioned properly in terms of its features and pricing. Or could it be that Apple will eventually be phasing the iPod Shuffles out? I've always liked the Shuffles though. They play music and double as very handy and convenient USB flash drives. But whichever way you look at it, all iPods are just so cool!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Widget World: ColorBurn

ColorBurn is an excellent widget for graphic and web designers looking for some color inspiration. Created by Firewheel Design, it features a daily color palette containing a combination of four colors and the corresponding hexadecimal values for each. If you find a color scheme that you like, just take note of the values and use them on your project. It's great for getting ideas when you're feeling artistically burned-out!

Get the ColorBurn widget.


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