Thursday, December 21, 2006

PinoyMacLovers In New York

Mommy Luisa, Daddy Neil and Baby Sofia of the Dominguez family in Jersey City are thinking of making the switch this holiday season. So they all went to Apple's Flagship Store in 5th Ave, New York City to see what wonderful things the store had to offer.

This majestic glass structure serves as both a piece to behold and a magnificent gateway to the magical place which is Apple's 5th Ave Store (forgive me for being overly dramatic).

The store is actually underneath the big glass cube. Here, you see the Dominguez family as they are about to descend via the glass elevator.

Apple's 5th Ave store is open 24 hours a day. Here, you see numerous Macs on display, which store patrons can play around with and experience first-hand what Apple lovers keep raving about. These units are also connected to the internet.

Hey look! It's the PinoyMacLovers website. Hooray! :)

And this is the Genius Bar where you can go to when you experience problems with your Mac (but you won't be having much of that, really ;) )

Oooh! iPods!

The oh-so-sexy (PRODUCT) REDTM.

The Apple Store on 5th Ave is definitely a place that people of all ages can enjoy. This is Baby Sofia having such a fun time playing with a Mac. Isn't she adorable?

PinoyMacLovers would like to thank the Dominguez family for sending in such lovely pictures. We do hope that you find a Mac that's right for you so you can finally make that switch. It would be a nice gift to yourselves for this joyous yuletide season. Happy Holidays! :)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Win An iPod Nano In HSBC Philippines' Click And Play Promo

HSBC Philippines' Click and Play promo has been extended until 31 December 2006. Hurry while you still have a chance to win a 1GB iPod Nano in their monthly draw.

The following online transactions will bring you closer to an iPod Nano:
1. Telegraphic Transfer
2. Local Payments
3. Demand Drafts
4. Cashier's Order
5. Utility Payments
6. eStatement registration
7. online@hsbc registration

So what are you waiting for? The more transactions you perform online, the more chances of winning!

For more information please visit

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 2724. Series of 2006

DISCLAIMER: PinoyMacLovers is not affiliated with HSBC.

Ynzal's Annual Inventory Sale 2006

Wow, it seems that Apple discount sales abound this holiday season! Wwweeeeee!!! :) Ynzal is once again having their inventory sale on December 18-20, 2006 from 9am to 5pm at its Sct. Rallos QC headquarters. Expect to find pre-owned as well as brand new Apple products at great, great prices!

Check out this link to see the list of items to be sold:
(to be uploaded on Saturday Dec. 16, 2006 at 6pm)

For details, you may call 413-7575/74 or 413-7578/79 or email inquiries to info [at] ynzal [dot] com

Disclaimer: PinoyMacLovers is not affiliated with Ynzal.

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Power Mac Center Store Opens In Greenbelt 3, Holds 3-Day Sale

The Power Mac Center, one of the leading authorized Apple resellers in the Philippines, recently opened its flagship store in Greenbelt 3. And to celebrate this success, they will be holding a special 3-day sale from Dec. 15-17, 2006 with discounts of up to 20% on all Apple items. And from Dec. 15-24, 2006, product purchases of Php 100,000 and more can be delivered to your doorstep for free (within Metro Manila only). So head on over to the Power Mac Center in Greenbelt 3 and make the switch this holiday season. It'll definitely be one of the nicest gifts you can get yourself. :)

The new Power Mac Center store is located on the 2nd Floor of Greenbelt 3 in Ayala Center, Makati.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free Mac Apps!

MacAppADay is giving away free Mac apps! They are giving away 5,000 copies of a Mac application of their choice for each and every day of December. That's one new application everyday for the whole month of December that you can download for free! Christmas cheer indeed! So be sure to visit their site daily. You might just find that app that you've always wanted but were too stingy to pay for. :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

iPod Vending Machine

I was doing some window shopping at Macy's in Newport, Jersey City when I came across this interesting machine which I just had to take photos of - an iPod vending machine! Isnt that great? A vending machine that actually dispenses iPods. Coolness.

There's an easy-to-use touch panel located on the right side of the machine which lets you select the item that you'd like to purchase. After that, you simply swipe your card through the swiping thingy and you're done!

As you can see in this picture, some models are actually out of stock, which most likely means that quite a few people actually buy their iPods from this supercool vending machine.

You can also get some great iPod accessories as you can see in this next photo.

When I saw this machine, I had to restrain myself from actually buying an iPod because I knew that my credit card was fast approaching its limit. So I simply marveled at it for a few hours until the security guard told me to leave because I was scaring the other customers.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Was On Vacation...

Hello, people of the world. Lately, you may have noticed that I haven't been updating this blog very often. I was on vacation, you see (3 1/2 weeks in the US of A!). And I promised myself that during my vacation, I would refrain from using the internet as much as I could, thereby giving my wrists much needed rest and further delaying the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. It was actually very liberating to go for days without opening a browser. Without a doubt, my internet abstinence contributed greatly to the overall pleasantness of my vacation. But now I am back. So expect some new entries in the coming days (that is if I get to shake myself out of this vacation-y mood that I'm still in).

Friday, November 10, 2006

BitTorrent Clients For Mac OS X

Mac users who are looking for a BitTorrent client have a few options available - the official BitTorrent client, Azureus, Tomato Torrent, and Bits on Wheels, to name a few. Among these, I've been able to use two - the official BitTorrent client and Azureus. Here are some of my opinions regarding these apps.

The Official BitTorrent Client
What I like about the official BitTorrent client is its easy to use interface. It has a very simple toolbar that contains the basic buttons you need to download torrents. It's a good option to choose if you're a beginner trying to figure out how torrents work. BitTorrent also sports the brushed steel look making the interface very OSeXy.

What I don't like about it is that I can't seem to get fast connections. Even when my bandwidth is freed up, my download speeds remain pretty slow. I also find myself having to constantly restart the application during long downloads because they simply stall after certain periods. I'm not exactly sure why, but this may be caused by the fact that I'm connected to the internet behind a router. I should be able to remedy this by tweaking some settings. The problem is that I don't know which settings to tweak because I'm still a beginner when it comes to using BitTorrent clients.

click to view larger image

Get the official BitTorrent client.

Azureus is a Java-based BitTorrent client, which means that it can run on any platform provided that you have the Java Runtime Environment
(which you can get for free at installed. It has tons of features that might confuse the average user, but the program does allow you to choose between three user proficiency modes - beginner, intermediate and advanced - making it a client that's suitable for just about anyone. Compared to the official BitTorrent client, the connection speeds I get using Azureus are much faster. And I don't find myself having to restart the application over and over. I haven't really been able to play around with many of the features available, and most of them I don't even need because I'm not really an advanced user. But one of the features I do like is how Azureus allows you to easily set caps on the upload and download speeds of each individual torrent. I find this to be very useful when downloading multiple torrents as it gives you greater control in distributing the available bandwidth that you have.

The main disadvantage with Azureus is that it uses up more computer resources (maybe because it's packed with features) compared to the official BitTorrent client. But that shouldn't be much of a problem unless you're using a really slow computer.

click to view larger image

Get Azureus.


The official BitTorrent client vs Azureus? Azureus.

I like the official BitTorrent client's interface and appearance better because it's very simple. But I still choose Azureus because it gives me faster connection speeds, which I think is a more important factor since the main point of using these programs is for you to be able share files with others.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A PinoyMacLover In Cincinnati

PinoyMacLover's reader, Diane, sent us some pictures of the Apple Store at the Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, OH. Check 'em out.

Oooh! So shiny...

Here's Diane playing with one of the iMacs on display.

Photo Booth! :D

Diane works as an IT professional, but she's also an aspiring musician. Here, you see her workin' it out on a Mac Pro set up with an electronic piano.

Thanks for the great photos, Diane! :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

MacBook Pro: New 17-inch Models And Now Powered By Intel Core Duo 2

For those of you waiting for a 17-inch MacBook Pro, wait no more for Apple has finally announced its arrival. Hoorah! Powered by the Intel Core Duo 2 processor, this sexy beast boasts of up to 39% faster speeds compared to the older 15-inch MacBook Pro (the new 15-inch model now comes with an Intel Core Duo 2 processor as well). Check it out at

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making Sure QuickTime Plays DV Files At High-Quality

Problem: I edited a home video using iMovie. I shot my footage using a miniDV camcorder, I captured the video in DV format, I edited using the DV setting and exported the project as a full quality DV file. But when I played the video using QuickTime, the video quality wasn't very good. How do I fix this?

If your video was shot, captured, edited and exported in DV format, then the final file should have good quality during playback. If the video quality of your DV file is poor when viewed using QuickTime, try this:

Open QuickTime Player and hit Command + , (comma) on your keyboard to launch QuickTime's "General Preferences" window. Under Movies, make sure that "Use high-quality video setting when available" is checked. Then open your DV file using QuickTime. This time, you should see good video quality.

DV files will take up a lot of space on your hard disk so you might want to use iDVD to convert your DV projects into DVD-Video. Doing so will also enable you to easily share your work with friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that tape from last year's Christmas party and start making your very own home video masterpiece! :-D

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Downloading Videos From YouTube And Playing FLV Files On Your Mac

If you're a YouTube addict like I am, you've probably wondered if there was a way to save those videos onto your hard drive (yeah, because spending hours watching random videos about pancakes and grown men dressed in drag lip syncing to Cher's greatest hits CLEARLY isn't enough). Well, YouTube doesn't actually let you save videos from their website to your hard drive, but there are sites that can help you out. You can try Javi Moya's Video Downloader (this one also lets you download videos off of other sites like Google Video, Myspace, etc...). It's very easy, all you have to do is input the video page's URL in the text box provided, and a download link to the video will be generated for you.

Step 1: Input valid YouTube video URL

Step 2: Click on generated link to download video

YouTube videos are in FLV format so you will need an FLV player to view them. You can get one from Wimpy. They have a free FLV player available for download at their website.
Enjoy the videos! :-D

[UPDATE: 06-February-2006]

You can also try the ff:

- FLVthing by Automagic Software is a standalone FLV player just like the one by Wimpy. It's freeware, too.

- Perian, on the other hand, is a free, open source QuickTime® component that adds native support for many popular video formats including FLV. So installing this will allow you to play FLV files using QuickTime®.

Win A Brand New iPod Video From Fully Booked

Calling all bookworms!

For every P1000 single receipt purchase at Fully Booked (at the Power Plant mall in Rockwell), you get the chance to win a 60GB iPod Video in their iRead... iWin! promo, which runs from September 22 to October 31, 2006. Check out for the contest ad.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mac OS X Tip Of The Day: Using Safari To Email Web Pages Through

Have you ever come across a blog entry that got you so excited you just had to let everyone know about it? As in, like, right away? If you answered yes to that question... well, that kinda makes you a bit pathetic, doesn't it? I mean c'mon... surely you can find things in your life that are more exciting. Right?


Some blog entries have an "email this" button at the end of every post. Comes in very handy if you really just have to send that post you found with yet another picture of a drunken Tara Reid to all the people in your mailing list. But if that button is nowhere to be found, fear not, for Safari - Apple's supercool browser - is here to make your lives easier. Hoorah! :-D

Here's how it works: when you're browsing a web page using Safari, hitting Command+i on your keyboard will automatically open that web page in a new message ready to be sent to anyone on your address book. It's so easy! This keyboard shortcut is also very handy if you'd like to send any HTML formatted emails using Just create your HTML page using TextEdit or any wsywig HTML editor, open it in Safari and press Command+i. Voila! But some people despise getting HTML formatted emails so be sure to go easy on the neon-colored fonts and animated butterfly gifs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Apple Unveils An All-New iPod Lineup

Apple has just recently unveiled new models for their entire iPod lineup. The iPod Shuffle has gotten even smaller and now comes with a built-in clip so you can conveniently attach it to your pocket, sleeve, waistband, etc... The iPod Video, aside from the 30GB model, now comes with 80GB of storage space which lets you store up to 20,000 songs. And finally, the iPod Nano has been completely remastered - thinner design, longer battery life and a brighter display. But it doesn't end there. Aside from being able to choose between the 2GB, 4GB and the new 8GB models, you can also pick from any of the five stunning colors it now comes in - silver, pink, green, blue and black. Yay! :)

Check out:
iPod Nano TV Ad

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project Entry#2

Meet Aby, Darlyn, Dazzle Jamie, Lisa, and Liz:

These girls have just finished an extremely busy semester at their University. It was a very hectic 3 months in which they needed to complete a few course requirements in time for a special Junior Term Abroad program of which they are taking part. Needless to say, this semester proved to be quite the difficult challenge - one that was marked with a lot of stress, very little sleep, and large eyebags. But with perseverance, discipline, and a little help from their trusty 12" iBook G4s, these hardworking students pulled through.

JTAgroup02PinoyMacLovers would like to congratulate Aby, Darlyn, Dazzle Jamie, Lisa, and Liz for all the hardwork they've accomplished. We wish them all the best as they fly off to their respective host countries where they will take part in what will hopefully be an amazing learning experience. And with hardwork, discipline, and a little more help from their trusty 12" iBook G4s, we're pretty sure they'll do great. :)

JTAgroup01Also check out:
The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project Entry#3
Featured PinoyMacLover: Karylle - The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project Entry#1

Disclaimer: The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project is an independent project and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc. The use of any of the images featured in this project, in whatever manner and for whatever purpose, is prohibited without express and written authorization from the author.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PowerPC G4-based Portable Systems Still Available

Apple may have made the switch to Intel, but that doesn't mean you have to (well, for now atleast). Brand new PowerPC G4-based portable systems are still available at Ynzal Marketing Corp. Here are the specs:

PowerBook 12" G4/1.5GHz/512MB/80GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT...P84,980

iBook 12" G4/1.33GHz 512MB/40GB/Combo/APX/BT...P61,980
Promo Price.....P53,980
Educational Discount.....P48,006

I definitely think that any of these models would still be a good purchase (depending on your needs, ofcourse) for those who are thinking of making the switch or puchasing a new notebook computer. Those specifications are still pretty good. They're more than enough for everyday computer tasks such as word processing and web surfing. I'd say they'd perform pretty decently on some light graphics and video editing as well. The big, discounted prices also make these 2 models even more attractive. And don't worry about software and support for PowerPC G4 systems. Those will still be around for a while so you don't need to worry about those G4 computers becoming useless anytime soon. I still have my old 800 MHz iMac G4, which I bought 4 years ago, and it's still very much useful.

For more information, you may contact Ynzal at (+63 2) 373-2232 or 373-3940. But you better hurry if you still want that G4 portable. Stocks are very limited!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple Unveils New Mac Pro Quad And Previews Mac OS X Leopard

Apple's transition to Intel is now complete, as they finally unveil the new Mac Pro with Quad 64-bit Intel Xeon processors, which was announced at the 2006 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. omgOMGOMGYAY!!! The lowest configuration comes with two 2GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB video card, a 16x double-layer SuperDrive and a $2,124(USD) price tag...


Apple also gives us a sneak peak at Mac OS X Leopard, scheduled to ship in Spring 2007. Some new features we should expect to see include: Time Machine - a robust, automated backup system that integrates with an external HD letting you backup and restore your system with great ease; Spaces - an innovative new system that allows you to group your active applications into different windows giving you easier access to a clutter-free desktop. I'm definitely looking forward to its release.

I *heart* Apple. :)

Check out:

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Would Like To Thank...

Pinoy Mac Lover "King" from the forum has been sending a few visitors our way thanks to a link in one of his forum posts. Likewise, Karylle fans have also been spreading the word out on "The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project" over at Thanks for all the link love, boys & girls! Love is a many-splendored thing. It makes the world go 'round. All we need is love. Yep. We're feelin' it. :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Featured PinoyMacLover: Karylle
The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project Entry#1

The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project is very simple. It's a little blog project that features photographs of people with their lovely Macs. See? Very Simple.

Our first entry is quite special. We here at PinoyMacLovers were very pleased to find out that local celebrity, Karylle (a multi-talented singer and television & movie actress), is the proud and happy owner of a 12" PowerBook G4. She just loves her Mac so much and graciously agreed to sit down with us for a short Q&A session.
PML: So when did you make the switch to Mac?

Karylle: I've always wanted to buy a laptop, but I've been too kuripot to buy one so I actually spent my college years cramming in internet cafes, which were later converted into internet gaming spots with kids who cut class and swore constantly. I don't know why I put up with that, but mainly it was because I didn't know what laptop to get. When we started with Encantadia, I wanted to reward myself by finally getting a laptop. It took a while for me to decide, but everyone recommended that I get a Mac. And after I got one, Iza [Calzado] and Alfred [Vargas] also got Macs. Actually we had Macs all lined up in the set, Direk Mark Reyes brings his and so do Jennylyn [Mercado], Diana [Zubiri] and Sunshine [Dizon].

PML: How did you feel when you finally got your Mac and used it for the first time?

Karylle: Oh I was so happy! I felt like I made the right choice even if it did cost a lot.

PML: What's your favorite iLife program?

Karylle: The one I use most is iTunes because of work. But because I love, love, love to take pictures I also use iPhoto all the time. I've actually printed two books already using iPhoto. They make great gifts. But my new favorite has to be iDVD, which I just learned how to use. I made a bunch of DVDs from my summer trip.

PML: What are the typical things you do using your Mac?

Karylle: I bring it everywhere, everyday. Haha! I watch DVDs. I make DVDs of pics. I use GarageBand to record voice lessons and jamming sessions. I love to write for my blog, make little photoshop projects. I always use it during taping so I won't get bored.

PML: Are there any other special people in your life who also have and love Macs, and what kind of Macs do they have?

Karylle: My mom [Zsa Zsa Padilla] also has a Mac. She has a 17" PowerBook G4. Dong [Dantes] has an iMac G5, but he's always using my PowerBook.

PML: Your mother is often referred to as the Divine Diva. Would you call your PowerBook the Divine Laptop?

Karylle: No, but my mom's PowerBook can be the Divine Laptop.

PML: If you were asked to pick a song to dedicate to your PowerBook, what would it be?

Karylle: "Inseparable" by Natalie Cole. My Powerbook is always with me wherever I go.

Karylle has just been nominated for Favorite Female Artist in a Video at the MTV Pilipinas Video Music Awards 2006 for her song, You Make Me Sing. Please vote for her by logging onto or by texting "Mtvvote FFA Karylle" (send to 638 for Smart subscribers or 2219 for non-Smart subscribers). You can also visit her official website at

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Disclaimer: The PinoyMacLovers Me & My Mac Project is an independent project and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc. The use of any of the images featured in this project, in whatever manner and for whatever purpose, is prohibited without express and written authorization from the author.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mac OS X Tip Of The Day: Giving Your Favorite Files And Folders Easier Access

This very simple tip will teach you how to create and place a file or folder shortcut in the Finder's left sidebar.

I'm a neat freak. Even in the virtual realm. So my computer has tons of folders with subfolders that have their own subfolders, and so on... That's just how I like my files. I like to keep them extremely organized. But oftentimes, looking for a particular file or folder becomes quite the tedious task (epecially if you're forgetful, like I am). Spotlight actually makes things a lot easier to find. All I have to do is type in the file or folder name.... VOILA! But for my "favorite" folders (the ones I always access, but for some reason, still always have difficulty finding), I create shortcuts that lead to them, and these shortcuts are placed neatly in the Finder's left sidebar. It makes things a lot easier for me. Just one click, and I'm inside my favorite folder. So here's how to do it:

Launch Finder, and look for the file or folder that you would like to create a shortcut to. Then simply click and drag the file or folder onto the left sidebar, and release:

And you're done!

If you'd like to remove the shortcut, simply click and drag it outside of the sidebar, release, and poof (you'll really see it go poof)!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Widget World: Hangman!

Yep. It's that guessing game where you draw a man who's about to be hung, and then you keep on choosing letters until you guess the right word. And the more wrong letters you choose, the closer the man comes to his tragic and painful death. It's so morbid. I absolutely love it!

A guy named David Reeves created a widget version of this simple yet fun game which you can download here. I like widgets like these. They keep me busy and productive while I'm at the office.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yahoo! Finally Updates Yahoo! Messenger For Mac

I think I've been using the same lame old version of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac since 2003. But now, Yahoo! has recently released Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 1. Yes, it's still in Beta, but I'm glad to know that Yahoo! hasn't completely written off Mac users. It's got an entirely new look which I find very nice. It looks alot like Safari with a steel-like design and feel to it. And I can finally use an avatar or a display image just like with Yahoo! Messenger for Windows. Also, the "buzz" sound is alot subtler now. The old one was just a little too annoying for me. But the main improvement I'd like to see with Yahoo! Messenger for Mac would be better interoperability with its Windows counterpart. And so far, this new version seems to disappoint. I'm able to send files easily to another Windows user, but I can't seem to receive files from their end. Also, I now seem to be unable to have a webcam chat a user on Yahoo! Messenger for Windows. With the previous version of Yahoo! Messenger for Mac, webcam chat was possible between a Mac and a Windows user, albeit the quality of the connection was horrible. But I certainly can't say for sure that this is the case for everyone else who's tried the new version. Perhaps others are having less problems than I am. But, as I've said, I'm still glad that they've finally updated, and I hope that the upcoming versions will improve. Check out for more details.

Friday, June 30, 2006

The PinoyMacLovers iLove iPod Project Entry#3

Donna got her a iPod as a special gift from her boyfriend Nic - who happens to be our iPod lovin' beach bum from last May. Donna and her white 1GB iPod Nano go well together because they're just both so adorably petite (Donna stands 5'1" and weighs in at a light 92lbs). Her friends tease her endearingly, calling her the Unano with a Nano (unano means little person). Here's a photo of Donna and her Nano. Aren't they cute? :)

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Disclaimer: The PinoyMacLovers iLove iPod Project is an independent project and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc. The use of any of the images featured in this project, in whatever manner and for whatever purpose, is prohibited without express and written authorization from the author.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lani Pillinger Photos

[UPDATE 25-July-2006]
I've finally been able to find a few Lani Pillinger photos to post on my site. Talented photographer, Carla Y. Berroya-Foster, was very gracious and allowed me to post some of the photographs she took of Ms. Pillinger. Hope you like the pictures! :)

You may get in touch with Carla Y. Berroya-Foster by sending her an email at carla_berroya [at] yahoo [dot] com. You may also visit her flickr album where you will see a diverse array of her work that includes portraits, events photos, and fashion & modeling shoots.


[UPDATE 01-July-2006]
The Apple Of My i gallery seems to be inaccessible now. I don't know if it will be up again.


I get a siginificant amount of daily web traffic from people doing internet search queries for pictures of Ms. Lani Pillinger. I actually just mentioned her once in a previous entry, where I wrote about the winners of the Apple Of My i photo contest. The photograph featuring Lani Pillinger as the subject won third place for one of the said competition's categories. I don't know much about Lani Pillinger, but a quick google search will tell you that she is a Fil-Australian model who appeared with the popular local band, Hale, in a Nescafe ad. She is also currently being linked to local actor, Marvin Agustin.

If you'd like to view photos of her, you can visit the Apple Of My i photo gallery, which is still available for viewing as of this post. Click here and here.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ynzal's Back-To-School Promo - Discounts On Apple Products For Students And Teachers

Ynzal Marketing Corp. Philippines is having a special back-to-school promo. Teachers and students can avail of fantastic discounts on selected Apple products and other third-party accessories. Here's a list of some of the products on sale:

Apple iSight.....P8,900
Promo Price.....P6,490

iPod Video 60GB Black/White.....P24,500
Promo Price.....P19,980

iPod Nano 2GB White/Black.....P11,500
Promo Price.....P9,980

iPod nano 4GB White/Black.....P14,500
Promo Price.....P11,980

iPod Shuffle 512MB.....P4,800
Promo Price.....P4,400

iPod Shuffle 1GB.....P8,980
Promo Price.....P5,500

Sonnet iPod Battery Replacement.....P1,980
Promo Price.....P1,700

iPod USB Power Adapter.....P1,380
Promo Price.....P1,100

Sonnet PodFreq Premium FM Transmitter + Car Charger + Dock for iPod....P6,380
Promo Price.....P4,200

iPod Hi-Fi.......P20,980
Promo Price.....P19,980

Students and teachers are required to present a valid school ID in order to avail of the educational discount. Promo is valid until 30 June 2006 or until supplies last. For more information regarding this promotion and the other products on sale, you may contact Ynzal Marketing Corp. Philippines at 413-7575/74 or 413-7579/78.

Disclaimer: PinoyMacLovers.Com is an independent website and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Ynzal Marketing Corp. Philippines. We simply wish to provide this information to our readers, and we advise them to please verify with Ynzal as to its correctness.

Join National Bookstore's TEXTciting Matuto! TEXTciting Manalo! Raffle Promo

Over 3 Million Pesos worth of prizes will be given away in the National Bookstore TEXTciting Matuto! TEXTciting Manalo! Raffle Promo. Prizes to be given away include 25 iPod Videos, 25 iPod Nanos, 25 iPod Shuffles and so much more (cash prizes, digicams, PDAs, etc...)!

How to participate:

1. Every Php 300 single receipt purchasee, inclusive of any specially-marked products, entitles you to one raffle entry.

2. To indicate that a participating product has been purchased, an asterisk will be automatically printed on the receipt, beside the name of the participating product.

3. Only receipts marked with asterisks (*) are qualified for an entry.

4. To send an entry, key in:

NBS[space]Sales Invoice Number (this can be found on your receipt)[slash]Amount Of Purchase and send to 2966

Ex: NBS 7494500051010088/315

5. Receipts must be kept. Winners will need to present them to claim their prize.

*Send in your entries until 30 June 2006. Draw date is on 14 July 2006.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Buy New Underwear For The Chance To Win An iPod Nano!

Underwear is an essential piece of clothing. It keeps things in place and prevents unwanted chafing. So it's always good to keep your clothes drawer stocked with fresh pairs. If you need to buy new ones, you might want to head on over to your nearest Robinsons Department Store to get up to 50% off on selected items. This is part of their underwear fair entitled "Down to Basics" that runs for the entire month of June 2006. And for every Php 300 single or accumulated receipt purchase, you will get a raffle coupon for the chance to be one of 20 winners of a brand new iPod Nano! Never has the prospect of buying new underwear become so exciting! And you also have the chance to meet and greet some local celebrities who are participating in the event (I'm just not sure whether they'll be fully clothed or walking around in their underwear). Visit any of the Robinsons Deparment Store branches for more details.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Setting The Default Web Browser On A Mac

I've switched from one browser to another numerous times. I started out with Internet Explorer (which I hate), and eventually switched to Netscape. And then Safari was born so I started using that. I liked using Safari and stayed with it for quite some time. But I would come to realize that my browser switching days were far from over as I would eventually switch to Firefox (at that time, I thought tabbed browsing was the best thing since sliced bread). And then I discovered Camino, and wanted to know what it was like to use it. I wasn't particularly impressed, so I decided to go back to Safari (which welcomed me once again with open arms and, at that time, new tabbed browsing capabilities). Currently, Safari and I remain very happy together.

When you install a new browser, it usually asks you if you would like to set it as the default one for your system. Click YES, and the new default browser is set. If you'd like to change the default web browser back to any of the previous browsers that you have, you can use Safari. Just open the program, go to Preferences, and under the General tab, you will find an option that will allow you to select your new default browser.

*Note: Camino's General Preferences will let you do the same thing.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Apple And Nike Team Up To Bring You Nike+iPod

Apple Computer and Nike have developed a system that takes your workout to a whole new level. The Nike+iPod system, which consists of a pair of Nike+ shoes, an iPod Nano, and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, is a system that allows the Nike+ shoes to send real time workout information - distance, speed, calories burned - to your iPod Nano while you run. While listening to your favorite tunes, the system also sends you voice feedback about your workout. And it doesn't stop there. Once you sync your iPod to your computer, your workout data is sent to where you can keep track of all your previous stats so you can make a detailed analysis of your fitness progress. And there's more. also allows you to compare data with other members and challenge them in virtual races. You can compete with anyone from just about anywhere in the world. All you have to do is sync your iPod Nano after your run, and will compare the data with your challenger's, and send you the results. It definitely gives a whole new meaning to the term "global race".

Read more about it at

*The Nike+iPod Sport Kit includes a sensor that fits inside the Nike+ shoe and a receiver that attaches to the iPod Nano. Availability is scheduled for late July at a suggested retail price of $29 (US).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Apple Introduces The New MacBook

We now bid goodbye to the old iBook as Apple unveils the new MacBook! Yey! Powered by the Intel Core Duo processor and featuring a 13.3" widescreen display, the new MacBook comes in two colors - white and (drumroll please...) BLACK! (dubbed the blacBook by one commenter from Check out to learn more about the MacBook.


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